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Lipid Medicine Platform Technology

The compound, EC-18 is an immune modulator, which has an unique mechanism of action called PETA (Pattern Recognition Receptor Endocytic Trafficking Accelerator) which accelerates the PRR-mediated endocytosis, endosome formation, ROS generation and recycle of PRRs such as TLR4 so that EC-18 shortens the duration of inflammatory immune response by quickly removing the PAMP/DAMP associated danger signals. As a result of the early termination of the immune response, EC-18 contributes to the rapid resolution of inflammation and early return to homeostasis

About EC-18

EC-18 was developed over two decades of research by Drs. Changgi D. Hong and Sang-Hee Kim at Asan Medical Center in Seoul. EC-18 is Enzychem’s leading compound, which is a proprietary compound originally derived from Sika deer antler.
After the initial research on this unique compound, Enzychem Lifesciences conducted an additional six years of research on EC-18 to fully synthesize the compound and to be equipped with mass production capability. Based on our findings from preclinical and clinical studies, Enzychem Lifesciences is developing EC-18 for indications including chemoradiation induced oral mucositis (CRIOM), chemotherapy induced neutropenia (CIN), acute radiation syndrome (ARS), acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with COVID-19, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICI), and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).