Leading-edge Manufacturing Technology, Immune Modulation Technology, Core Treatment Technology

EC-18 Process and Manufacture Technology
  • Intermediate crystallization Technology, Massive production technology with high purity & yield
  • Technical barriers equal to those of material patents
Immune Modulation Technology

Modulation Technology of Cytokine/Chemokine Release

  • Modulation of IL-4, IL-6 release
  • Modulation of CXCL2/8, CCL26 release

Modulation Technology of Immune Cell Migration and Inflammatory Reaction

  • Modulation of neutrophil/ eosinophil migration
  • Modulation of Transcription factor STAT3, STAT6
Core Treatment Technology
Stage 1
Core Development

Global Phase 2 Clinical Trials

  • Development of First-in-Class RA treatment
  • Chemoradiation therapy induced oral mucositis & ARS through Orphan Drug Designation or Fast Track Designation
Stage 2
Core Development
  • Development of oral RA treatment with superior efficacy against Pfizer’s Xeljanz
  • Development of first-in-class sepsis treatment in the market without competing drug
Stage 3
Mid/Long-term Development
  • Development of treatment for psoriasis, asthma and atopic dermatitis

Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of action of EC-18: ​EC-18 promotes the removal of DAMP and PAMP in a short period of time, thus inhibiting the continuous release of neutrophils from blood vessel, excessive infiltration of immune cells and ​excessive​ release of cytokines in inflammatory tissues and infection site.

Mechanism of Action

Research Papers and Articles

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