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ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 11, 2020 / — Enzychem Lifesciences (KOSDAQ: 183490) announced it has been selected to present two posters regarding the treatment and prophylactic effects of EC-18 on radiation-induced inflammatory response at the virtual 66th Radiation Research Society (RRS) Annual Meeting, on October 18_21, 2020.

Two presentations are entitled: “EC-18 as a potential radiomitigator and radioprotector for the LD70/30 murine acute radiation syndrome model,” and “Mitigating effect of EC-18 on gamma radiation-induced systemic inflammatory response syndrome.”

Enzychem Lifesciences will present both radiomitigative and radioprotective effects of EC-18 against the murine acute radiation syndrome (ARS) models. One of the former studies was supported by the Radiation and Nuclear Countermeasure Program at The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The radiomitigative effect of EC-18 was demonstrated in LD70/30 study in female C57BL/6 mice where EC-18 was daily administered for 30 days starting from 24-hr post radiation. Mice administered with the highest dose of EC-18 showed about a 50% increase in survival compared to the control group. A similar delayed treatment effect was confirmed in a Balb/c model where the EC-18 treated group indicated a significant reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, resulting in less subsequent bacterial infections.

In another study, the radioprotective effect of EC-18 was evaluated in the same C57BL/6 model where EC-18 was administered 24-hr before irradiation, continuing daily up to day 12. The results indicated that compared to the control group, EC-18 pre-treated groups had about a 40% increase in survival.

These results support prior study results where EC-18 quickly resolved systemic inflammation and improved survival of the irradiated animal via a significant reduction in downstream pro-inflammatory immune response.

“We are excited to present our results at the RRS meeting, which is a huge milestone for the company, as this is the first time EC-18’s efficacy as a potential radiation medical countermeasure has been validated from a U.S. government agency-sponsored study,” said Ki Young Sohn, CEO and Chairman of Enzychem Lifesciences. “Enzychem Lifesciences will continue work with U.S. government agencies, including NASA, who are currently evaluating EC-18 as a potential agent to mitigate radiation exposure and other health risks-associated with long-duration deep space travel.”

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Enzychem Lifesciences Corp. is a global pharmaceutical company focused on developing oral small molecule therapies for patients with unmet medical needs in oncology, metabolic diseases, and inflammatory diseases. Founded in 1999, the company’s proprietary compound, EC-18 is the subject of two Phase 2 clinical trials for chemoradiation-induced oral mucositis and COVID-19. EC-18 acts as an immunomodulator, facilitating the resolution of inflammation and early return to homeostasis. For more information, please visit



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