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Ki Young Sohn

Enzychem Lifesciences is a Korean company that was founded almost 20 years ago.  At our founding and to this day, our commitment has been to develop medicines that enhance patients’ health and, especially, to address unmet clinical needs. And in fact, It is no coincidence that the Korean word for New Drug is  “shin yak” which also means God’s drug.

The drug which we’re about to study in this trial was, like many, originally derived from natural sources.  Development of EC-18 began about 40 years ago when research revealed a tremendous therapeutic value extract from deer antlers had. While the activity was remarkable, it required 12.5 kilograms or close to 30 pounds of antlers to yield 250 mg or 0.00055 pounds of the active agent.

Through enormous effort in figuring out how to synthesize the compound without needing a four legged source and we’ve successfully developed technology which lets us synthesize the active component – EC-18.

EC-18 is biologically pleiotropic and has a range of biological activities that are especially relevant to immune modulation.  EC-18 impacts many of the cellular and humoral elements involved in inflammation including pro-inflammatory cytokines and neutrophils. This combination makes EC-18 an especially good candidate for cancer patients who are at risk for both tissue-based and hematologic toxicities.

Critically for any agent being considered for a cancer supportive care indication, it is critical that the drug not only reduces toxicity risk but does this in the absence of impairing anti-tumor therapy. In work done by at Seoul Asan Medical Center, one of our largest cancer centers, investigators noted that not only did EC-18 reduced toxicity risk, but it simultaneously affected tumor spread.

The lack of an effective intervention remains a huge frustration for caregivers. Together we have an opportunity to study what we believe is great potential for EC-18 to help solve a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of patients.

Thank you.

Ki-Young Sohn, Chairman And CEO
Enzychem Lifesciences Corporation

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